Build together: Rethinking solar project delivery

Rethinking solar project delivery | Generative scheduling tech feature McKinsey & Co | Jun 9, 2023

On the Code Story podcast, René Morkos discusses his journey as a founder, his experiences in construction, and more.

McKinsey & Co recently examined the potential challenges facing America's rapid growth of renewables due to limited engineering and construction capacity.
The article goes on to detail and recommend strategies to reduce costs and improve margins. As mentioned in the article that in order to succeed in a market with insufficient supply, players in the renewables industry have the opportunity to reconsider their approach to project delivery by looking into the adoption of digital and technology. One such strategy is by incorporating digital and technological solutions into their project delivery approach, EPCs in the renewables industry can streamline processes, boost efficiency, and effectively monitor progress from planning to construction while minimizing costs.
The article dives into the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the renewables industry, and one such innovative solution highlighted is generative scheduling technology solutions, like ALICE.
"Generative scheduling uses advanced analytics to efficiently allocate labor, equipment, and materials during construction planning. Such tools generate hundreds of thousands of schedule and resource configurations. The programs then evaluate these configurations based on predicted schedule and cost outcomes. In other capital-intensive industries, generative scheduling has improved materials staging and distribution, increased equipment utilization, and alleviated labor constraints through better work sequencing."
As published in Build together: Rethinking solar project delivery
June 9, 2023

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