ALICE launches local data storage for UK customers to ensure compliance and data security

ALICE Technologies secures an additional $13M from Swire Properties and Bridge Bank, extending Series B funding to $47M.

After having forged multiple partnerships with major contractors in the UK, we are excited to announce another UK milestone - the launch of a completely new instance of ALICE on local UK servers, designed to satisfy the data residency requirements of our UK-based and European customers.

Data residency refers to the geographic location where data is physically stored, and this new instance of ALICE helps to ensure that critical project data is collected, processed, and stored in a way that better meets the needs and expectations of our European customers.

As a cloud-based service, our product has always been designed to provide easy access to data from anywhere, at any time. However, we recognize that some customers may have specific requirements around where their data is stored, particularly in instances where strict data privacy regulations are in place.

As of June 2023, all of our new UK and EU customers will use ALICE on UK-based servers and all project data will be stored locally, including:

  • BIM models uploaded into ALICE
  • All user input data including P6 imports and project resources (e.g.: material, calendars, labor, equipment)
  • All simulation results and schedule outputs

In addition to giving customers greater control over their data, our new data residency server also offers improved performance and reduced latency. By storing data closer to where it is being accessed, customers can experience faster data transfer speeds and better overall performance.

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