Kaizen Institute Partners with ALICE Technologies to Bring Construction Optioneering to Global Clients

Kaizen Institute Partners with ALICE Technologies

Kaizen Institute partners with ALICE Technologies to bring construction optioneering to global clients. The partnership will optimize scheduling and expand the reach of ALICE's unique construction platform.

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ALICE Technologies and Kaizen Institute of America LLC (Project Management Division) today announced their partnership, which will enable Kaizen Institute’s project and construction industry clients to optimize scheduling and provide ALICE Technologies with the opportunity to expand the reach of their unique construction optioneering platform.

ALICE Technologies’ construction optioneering platform helps general contractors and owners worldwide to leverage the power of generative AI to plan, bid and build their capital projects more efficiently. In addition to working directly with major GCs and owners, ALICE collaborates with a select set of consulting firms to help their construction sector clients boost building efficiently and lessen project risk. Kaizen Institute is one of ALICE’s key implementation partners, bringing Lean project execution efficiency to the ALICE platform.

Kaizen Institute, a leading consulting firm focused on Lean/Continuous Improvement Project and Construction Management, operates in more than 60 countries. Established in 1985, it has a long-established history of working closely with its clients to continuously improve their operations. Kaizen Institute is continuously improving by adapting leading edge technology and methodologies to help its project and construction clients execute best in class projects. Given the frequent problems that companies face with delivering capital projects on time, on budget, and with the desired operational outputs, the firm views the ALICE platform as essential to addressing the scheduling challenges that often drive these overages.

“How major construction projects are scheduled can have a huge impact on their success,” said Colby Bell, Director of Project Management of Kaizen Institute. “With ALICE, we now have the ability to help owners and general contractors explore a variety of different ways in which they could build their projects, and then zero-in on schedules that best match their business goals. Moreover, if projects end up behind schedule during execution, ALICE enables us to quickly identify how our clients can revise their projects to bring them back on track. Scheduling challenges have long plagued the construction industry, and we’re excited to bring this platform to our clients so they can put this innovative technology to work and improve this core process in their business.”

“One of the five core principles of KAIZEN is ‘go to the action’,” said ALICE CEO René Morkos. “Kaizen Institute works shoulder-to-shoulder with its construction clients to identify challenges and implement solutions that address them. We’re delighted to partner with a firm that has such a strong problem-solving orientation and value the opportunity to bring construction optioneering to an even broader set of companies worldwide.”


About ALICE Technologies 

ALICE Technologies is the creator of the world’s first construction optioneering platform. Founded in 2015 based on research from Stanford University, ALICE helps large contractors and owners to reduce risk and plan, bid, and build more efficiently. The company works with large customers in the infrastructure, industrial, and commercial construction segments, such as Bouygues, SCS JV, and Implenia. Headquartered in the U.S., ALICE also has significant operations in the Czech Republic, the U.K., and India. Learn more at www.alicetechnologies.com.

About Kaizen Institute

For the past 4 decades, Kaizen Institute has been the leading provider of a sustainable, competitive advantage for all industries. Our clients achieve successful organizational transformations with a long term, people-based business excellence system. We help them improve quality, cost, delivery, and motivation which leads to better results, growth, and development. Our defined methodologies increase the ability to change and significantly transform organizational culture. Kaizen Institute is present in 40+ countries.

We work with people at all levels to equip them with the principles and tools necessary to enhance only value-added activities. As a result, business goals are achieved throughout the entire organization and high levels of value is created. Kaizen Institute provides authentic, holistic, and practical services worldwide. We serve our clients through consultation, training and certification programs, seminars and networking events, benchmarking and insight tours, awards programs, and various publications including books, training materials and online learning.

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