How software generated options improve project outcomes | Data in construction

ALICE Technologies' founder and CEO, René Morkos, sits down with Hugh Seaton to discuss how software generated options improve project outcomes.

How Software Generated Options Improve Project Outcomes featuring René Morkos in conversation with Hugh Seaton

July 10, 2022 


What if the process of building could be modeled? What if that model allowed project teams to try out dozens or even thousands of possible options for how to most efficiently build, or respond to changes & setbacks?

That's the idea behind ALICE Technologies, a pioneering software firm that has trained its AI systems to model the key factors of building, and give project teams an incredibly powerful tool to manage their jobs. Co-Founder and CEO René Morkos explains how & why they do what they do, and how they're changing the way project teams plan and get the work done.

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