Digital Climate Podcast with René Morkos

Digital Climate Podcast with René Morkos BIM Academy Podcast

Discover the fascinating journey of René Morkos, founder and CEO of ALICE Technologies, as he discusses his experiences in construction.

BIM Academy Director, Paul Thorpe hosts this podcast episode with René Morkos Ph.D, founder and CEO of ALICE Technologies.

René is an inventor, founder, adjunct professor at Stanford University and the inventor of the world’s first Generative Construction Simulator and Optimizer. He is a Leavell Fellow at Stanford University, where he currently serves as an adjunct professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.

As a second-generation civil engineer, René has over 20 years experience in construction, divided between industry and academia. 

In this podcast, René talks about what led him to follow in his father’s footsteps into engineering, what fuels his passion for technology and as a researcher and adventurer he is continuously exploring and teaching the theoretical boundaries of construction management and the evolution of future industries in order to better the world.

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