Futureproofed: Unlocking the power of data on capital projects

Unlocking the power of data on capital projects Deloitte Podcast Series

On the Code Story podcast, René Morkos discusses his journey as a founder, his experiences in construction, and more.

In this episode of Deloitte's podcast series, Futureproofed, host Eoin Ó Murchú, Director at Deloitte, drives an insightful discussion with Georgia Stillwell, Manager of Customer Success at ALICE, and Michael White, Director at Deloitte.

Tune in to hear them discuss how data, analytics, and disruptive technologies such as AI-powered generative scheduling play a critical role in construction. They talk about the transformative impact of leveraging data, whether it be extensive or limited, to drive informed decision-making, mitigate risks, and optimize and improve capital project delivery.



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