Introducing ALICE Core, the fastest way to construction optioneering

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A New Era in Construction Scheduling

We at ALICE Technologies are thrilled to announce today the launch of our latest innovation – ALICE Core. This groundbreaking addition comes alongside the rebranding of our existing, BIM-first product to ALICE Pro, and it marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to transforming the construction industry.

Watch ALICE Technologies CEO - René Morkos - discuss the significance of this product release in an exclusive interview with Plan Academy's Michael Lepage.

Faster Optioneering with ALICE Core

The key is ALICE Core's ability to seamlessly import schedules from Primavera P6 or Oracle Primavera Cloud. This integration not only streamlines your workflow but also significantly reduces the time it takes to reach the optimization stage of your project schedules.

"With ALICE Core, I can upload a P6 schedule for my project and immediately uncover significant potential improvements. The new interoperability between Oracle and ALICE is fantastic."

Shane Richardson President, Lagrange Consulting

The Power of Interoperability

Our decision to launch ALICE Core stems from the valuable feedback we've received from you, our customers. You've expressed your appreciation for the ability to optioneer schedules from a 3D BIM model with ALICE Pro. However, the lack of interoperability between ALICE Pro and Primavera P6 often led to long project setup time and duplication of efforts; a concern to project stakeholders with limited bandwidth. With ALICE Core, we've bridged this gap. The interoperability between ALICE Core, Oracle P6 and Oracle Primavera Cloud simplifies your process, allowing for a more efficient workflow and, ultimately, saving you time and resources.

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Optimizing Project Schedules Like Never Before

ALICE Core isn't just about faster integration - it's about empowering you to find optimal solutions for your construction projects. Within just a few hours, users can assess the feasibility of their project schedules and then optimize them, exploring new ways to build and sequence construction projects. This level of efficiency and speed in optioneering is unprecedented in the industry and is set to be a game-changer for construction project management.

Now An Oracle Partner

With this announcement, ALICE has also joined the Oracle PartnerNetwork. The new interoperability between our products is powerful, are we are excited to be working with Oracle to bring the benefits of our solutions to the construction community.

Embrace the Future with ALICE Core and ALICE Pro

As we introduce ALICE Core and rebrand our original product as ALICE Pro, we're not just launching a new product - we're shaping the future of construction project management. Whether you're a long-time user or new to ALICE Technologies, we invite you to explore the capabilities of ALICE Core and see how it can supercharge your approach to construction scheduling.

For more details, read the full press release or visit the ALICE Core product page.

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