Top contractor leverages ALICE to mitigate potential schedule delays and drive substantial savings on solar farm project

Solar farm construction, Europe + North America

A solar general contractor utilized ALICE to avoid schedule delays and optimize workforce efficiency, resulting in substantial cost savings and accelerated project completion.

The Challenge

The original project schedule developed by this leading renewable energy contractor using Oracle’s P6 software was not resource loaded. The contractor believed that resource-loading the schedule would cause significant delays.

The main challenges for the GC in this project were: avoiding potential schedule delays and optimizing workforce density to enhance the overall efficiency of the solar farm construction project.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges, the GC adopted a systematic approach that leveraged the generative construction scheduling capabilities of ALICE. The project team employed ALICE to simulate, analyze, and compare various options, including cost, time, and various methods of execution.

The team used ALICE to evaluate the original P6 schedule. Through thorough analysis and optioneering in ALICE, the team determined that implementing the original P6 schedule with resource loading would indeed lead to a 45-day delay. To counter this delay, ALICE’s professional services team proposed and assisted in developing a resource-loaded schedule, along with incorporating workforce density limits in its plan.

As part of the solution, specific constraints were implemented to optimize productivity and eliminate bottlenecks. These constraints dictated that at any given time, no more than eight crews would be working on the same block. This strategic approach not only enhanced efficiency but also ensured that the project stayed on track.

The Results

ALICE had a significant impact on the project's outcomes.

By implementing its recommended changes, the project not only recovered the projected 45-day delay but went beyond that, accelerating the project by 23 days. This acceleration translated to substantial cost savings, as the project was completed 68 days faster than it would have been with the original P6 schedule.

Moreover, ALICE's AI-powered optimization unlocked additional revenue by allowing circuits to be energized earlier. This early energization had a cascading effect on the solar project's overall timeline and financial performance.


The general contractor is one of the largest in the renewable energy vertical globally. Leading the sector for multiple decades, the GC has undertaken numerous renewable energy projects worldwide. The GC is involved in various onshore and offshore renewable energy initiatives, energy storage solutions, as well as transmission and distribution activities across multiple countries.


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