Decommissioning a nuclear facility with ALICE Panelists discuss ALICE's role in the deactivation of a nuclear project

We talk about how ALICE optimized the decommissioning and deactivation of a CAD 1 billion nuclear research facility in Pinawa, Canada.

Decommissioning a nuclear facility with ALICE



A nuclear deactivation & decommissioning (D&D) project in Pinawa, Canada, valued at over CAD 1 billion, is actively decommissioning and demolishing a retired nuclear research facility to return the land back to the indigenous people of Canada.

The D&D project comprising a 21,000 activity schedule, is forecasted to complete by 2027. The team partnered with Lagrange Consulting and ALICE Technologies to ensure an optimal plan and control for numerous project constraints with ALICE.

Fireside Chat Takeaways

  • How the team leveraged generative construction technology to simulate and analyze millions of schedules to ensure on-time project delivery
  • How ALICE helped the team to identify critical resource risks and utilization, track and manage numerous constraints, mitigate delays, and improve stakeholder communication
  • The results and outcomes from applying generative construction technology.


Shane Richardson President, Lagrange Consulting
Kevin Fuller Manager of CS, ALICE Technologies
Marveliz Santos Project Manager, ALICE Technologies

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